100% cashback promotion


Would you like to get our software rouleGENIUS but you are not sure if it works? Don’t worry about – ROULEMIND offers you 100% REFUND if you are UNSATIFIED or you have NO WINNINGS! 

Our software is based on a simple condition: it gives no more than 4 consecutive losing spins – which means if you double your bet and respect our SECRETS TO WIN and PROCEDURE to play – after every 5 spins you will have A POSITIVE BALANCE. Are there 5 consecutive losing spins? WE OFFER YOU 100% CASHBACK! There is irrelevant how much you bet ( €0.1, €0.5, €, €5, €10 etc) 


Terms and conditions:

1. To receive 100% cashback you need to proof recordering that you had lost 5 consecutive spins doubling your bet. So you have to record your screen while you are playing. Once you have a video proof send them to us and ROULEMIND will REFUND 100% of  your purchase! 

2. Video with SPINS WITHOUT BETTING will be rejected from this promotion. 

3. Video with NO REAL MONEY – will be rejected from this promotion. 

4. Video which don’t respect OUR PROCEDURE to play (using our RouleGENIUS Software)  and our SECRETS TO WIN – will be rejected from this promotion. 

5. You have 3 days since you have got the software to send the video to us. Any video sent to our support after more than 3 days of your purchase –  will be rejected from this promotion. 

Send video at EMAIL: support@roulemind.com or LIVE Chat Assistance


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