7 Secrets to WIN at roulette

1. Don't deposit on roulette room a high amount of money. Deposit a little amount which will not be a problem in case you will lose them (this idea will offer you more control on yourself). NEVER bet all your money in one spin. Bet on each spin not more than 1/5 of your amount.  Example: if your balance is €100 euro – bet no more than €20 each spin.

2. First to spin give about 10-15 spins without betting – write the numbers which come out into the software. Give to the software some "trails" about your roulette. In case you can't SPIN without betting – bet on Red and Black the lowest bet you can choose, otherwise search for a roulette where you can SPIN without betting. Example: Bet on red €0,1 and on black €0,1 – you will win nothing – but will get a number to write into the software as LAST NUMBER. In case there is 0 – you will lose 0,2 – but it's irrelevant seeing that you will earn more.

3. WRITE ALL NUMBERS – don't miss any number.  Even if you bet or not, after Each SPIN- Write the number which come out into the software as LAST NUMBER and then click PREDICT Button. The order as number come out is very important for the software – it's predictions, and consequently – your winnings, depends on it – so don't miss any number.  

4. First to start betting FIX A PURPOSE YOU WANT TO REACH in one day, divide it for all sessions you think to do in that day and try on each session reach that purpose. Don't try to reach all your day purpose in a single roulette session. Example: Suppose you want to win €100/day and will have time for 5 sessions. Your purpose is to reach €20/session. It's easier to earn €20 in a session, than directly €100, but the result is the same- you will earn – €100/day. 

5. Don't play more than 15 minutes for roulette session. It's for your safe! Play about 10 minutes, leave roulette and come back in about 30 minutes -1 hour. If you reached your "purpose" in first 2-3 spins – leave immediatly the roulette, you needn't stay always 10 minutes to play (you may reach your purpose for session also in 2-3 minutes). Example: You want to win €100/day, you will do for example 5 session/day – you have to WIN 20 euro per session. Once you  reach it – leave roulette. If there passed 10 minutes and you didn't reach it – leave roulette and come back later, you will reach it in the next session. 

6. BE REALISTIC. Don't set as purpose to earn €100 a day  when as balance you have only €2-3. Usually roulette pay you about 5(times) x your betting amountExample: If you bet each spin €5 – you have to set as purpose per session €20-25. Once you reach it – leave the roulette. Then your daily income -depends on how many session you do in a day. Remember between 2 session to take a pause of at least 30 minutes. 

7. CONTROL YOURSELF. Don't let emotion control your game. Try to be indiferent. If you lose 3-4 consecutive spins don't worry about that- just LEAVE ROULETTE – you will come back later and will recover all your losses. DON'T TRY TO RECOVER IN THE SAME MOMENT ALL YOUR LOST MONEY: that will let you be nervous, you will start betting all your balance just to recover what you lost and as result you will lose everything you have. 

ROULEMIND – Now it's your time to win! 

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