Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Background

ROULEMIND is a multi disciplinary company with interests in energy research and casino game prediction. We have developed computer software which is designed to analyse data from a roulette wheel, and can predict the winning number with varying accuracy (depending on the wheel numbers) under reasonable conditions, for evaluation purposes. The software in conjunction with computer technology together form the ROULEMIND Software (“the Product”). The product can achieve a player edge of over 83,7% on modern wheels. However, primarily the wheel’s design determines the possible accuracy. For the purposes of this agreement, we can only guarantee that the Uber version achieves “better than random accuracy” on any casino-standard wheel.


2. You agree to comply with our terms and conditions.
You agree that your use of the Product is subject to these terms and conditions. No other representations or agreements made between us will apply, unless they are part of an agreement pertaining to Symbiosis Foundation. YOU ARE AWARE THAT THE GAME CAN CREATE ADDICTION AND IT IS FORBIDDEN TO MINORS.
Our company ROULEMIND is not responsible for any your winnings or losses.


3. Eligibility

3.1 Casino owners or their employees, contractors or agents or competitors in gambling tournaments are not permitted to purchase or use the Product. By using the Product, you certify that you are in no way affiliated with any casino in any way and specifically agree that we may conduct a background check to verify the information you give to us. 3.2 You agree to indemnify us against any claims and all damages, liabilities, costs including legal fees directly or indirectly arising from any information supplied by you to us.


4. Product Description and Price

4.1 The Product you have purchased and the price payable for the Product (“Price”) is described on our website http://www.roulemind.com/purchase-software/. Any upgrades or modifications including wireless software and accessories are not included in the price unless specifically noted on the Order. 4.2 The Price includes unlimited troubleshooting support from us in relation to the technical operation of the Product as required. All support from us including troubleshooting support will be terminated immediately if you breach any term of this Agreement, and you will not be entitled to any refund.

5. Grant of Software Licence

5.1 The Product is made up of several components one of which is computer software developed by us which is pre-programmed onto the hardware (“Software”). We grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to use the software upon purchase of the Product.
5.2 The licence fee payable for the Software is included in the Price. The licence fee includes any future updates or modifications to the software for your particular phone model, but not the hardware, and you are responsible for all freight charges for return of the Product to us for software update installation and subsequent return to you. Upgrades are not included if additional or different hardware is required. 5.3 You may only use the software on the hardware supplied by us as part of the Product. The Software will be registered to a specific user. Any sharing or unauthorised distribution of the Software may be tracked by us and you will be held solely responsible for any losses suffered by us due to such sharing or unauthorised distribution. 5.4 On going supply of access codes to keep the Product functional will be terminated immediately if you breach any term of this Agreement, and you will not be entitled to any refund.


6. Orders & Payment

6.1 We will accept Orders via product button GET PASSWORD or our website PURCHASE page. 6.2 You must pay the full price for the Product upon acceptance of your Order by us. Payment may be made by cheque, in cash, by direct deposit into our nominated bank account or by international bank draft. No delivery of the Product will occur prior to payment being received in full.


7. Delivery

Delivery times will vary in accordance with the type of Order and will be confirmed at the time of the Order. We will not be liable for delays in delivery or failure to deliver caused by any circumstances beyond our control.


8. Your Responsibilities

8.1 You understand that the use of the Product is illegal in some casinos. You must seek your own legal advice in relation to your proposed use of the Product. You undertake that you will only use the Product for evaluation purposes in jurisdictions where other uses of the Product are illegal. 8.2 You agree that you are solely responsible for the implementation and use of the Product. We may give instructions on the technical operation of the Product for evaluation purposes and this advice is given in good faith but we make no warranty whatsoever in relation to your use of the Product. The warranties are made in relation to the effectiveness of the Product in predicting spin outcomes but we make no specific warranties regarding the use of the Product for activity such as cheating in casinos. 8.3 You indemnify and hold us harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, regulatory proceedings and/or causes of action, and all damages, liabilities, costs including legal fees directly or indirectly arising from your reliance or failure to rely on our instructions or from your use or misuse of the Product.

9. Intellectual Property & Copyright

9.1 All Intellectual Property Rights in the Product and Software including copyright, patents, registered and unregistered trademarks, registered or unregistered designs are our property or we have the right to use the Intellectual Property Rights under licence from a third party.
9.2 You may not under any circumstances duplicate or redistribute the Product or seek to manufacture a similar product using the Intellectual Property Rights. You may not under any circumstances copy, reverse engineer, decrypt or otherwise deal with the Software or transfer your rights to the Software licence. You understand that the Software contains various unique embedded tracking codes that identify the original purchaser and that we reserve the right to repossess the Product without refunding you the Price should we become aware that you have breached this agreement in any way.

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